This Introductory Open Studio course is about researching and developing new genres, multiple combinations and various multidisciplinary hybrids of art making into interdisciplinary art practices which convey contemporary thematic/metaphorical content. Methods of art practices may include options of integrating: installation, digital reproduction and time based work (blurring the boundaries between performance, video, sound, animation, book works) as components for each project.

Many of the student work examples presented below may not represent all the objectives for the Open Studio course but instead offer some initial ideas in combining various disciplines.

Often a single example of work presented on this blog may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with examples and various ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

Assignment 4. Thematic Cybrid and/or New Genres Assignment (35% of course)

Statement for work posted above

Artist Statement: This project served as a compromise (between being open, but also having something more general). I used VHS tapes as a representation for some of my memories. Home videos are typically something that people enjoy and like to reflect on, but for me they don't usually feel very good to watch.  I created a set of video cases that are very personal, but are at the same time very general. After meeting up, I thought about creating another set of videos, but of very superficial home video memories, and all of those would not look hand made. Unfortunately I was pretty limited on that, but I would have if time allowed.
added performance to my piece, which served as the time-based element. I had a mini cassette player that I had recorded a song onto. The song was originally on my computer, but I moved it over by holding it close and recording. I think the lo-fi and distorted quality helped associate it as something old.

I decided to create a new memory as part of my performance, by creating a new VHS case (painted white for neutrality). The audio was from an old recording of me singing, which for me, is very personal. I wrote on the box as the song was playing and made a last minute decision to cover it all up with the black marker because I decided that it didn't feel neutral about it.

Students will develop a thematic open media work that will encompass an accumulation of ideas covered in the open studio course that include hybrids of genre and process with the addition of incorporating a time based and or digital element in the assignment.

Assignment Requirements:
·       Use of Thematic Content (use of symbol, metaphor, allegory, icon, motif, signifier, etc) Generally all formal choices including various emotive styles, colour and material manipulation will interrelate to innovative thematic content.
·       Broad range of formal (visual language) approaches will be considered in relation to thematic content
·       Other formal concerns such proportions, composition and emotive style will also be considered and developed in relation to innovative thematic content 
·       Time and Space in relation to volumes and planes (representational and abstract) will be considered in relation to thematic content
·       Textures and tactile characteristics (variety of materials surfaces - illusionary and physicality of materials) 
·       Unity and diversity of formal elements will also be considered in relation to thematic content. 
·       Colour application and theory in relation to materials.
·       Open Media in relation to current ideas, traditional materials in combination with non-traditional art materials, and/or non-euro centric ideas (i.e.: technology, installation, performance, or current issues) Ideas in relation to Post-Medium and/or or Post-Studio 

Optional Assignment Requirements:
·       Lighting in relation to innovative thematic content
·       Sound in relation to innovative thematic content
·       Scent in relation to innovative thematic content
·       Transdisciplinary research (Transdisciplinary: convergence of art with other disciplines such as: science, technology and social sciences research)

Concepts/Layers of Themes 35%                                                                          
Formal Visual Language/Technical Skill with innovative use of materials/technology   55%
Synthesis of the concepts with formal/visual language   10%