This Introductory Open Studio course is about researching and developing new genres, multiple combinations and various multidisciplinary hybrids of art making into interdisciplinary art practices which convey contemporary thematic/metaphorical content. Methods of art practices may include options of integrating: installation, digital reproduction and time based work (blurring the boundaries between performance, video, sound, animation, book works) as components for each project.

Many of the student work examples presented below may not represent all the objectives for the Open Studio course but instead offer some initial ideas in combining various disciplines.

Often a single example of work presented on this blog may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with examples and various ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

ASSIGNMENT 1: Research Assignment for Thematic /Hybrid Art/Contemporary Art Practices

ASSIGNMENT 1: Researching Contemporary Art Assignment - Thematic and Hybrid Art Practices

This assignment is meant to expand your research skills and to expand your knowledge about contemporary art practice. 

There are two parts to this assignment:

Part 1)    Select an example of an image that combines work into a new genre and/or new media with a fine arts language (not commercial or non-market driven language) where an artist or art collective are working in an innovative way. 
     Include a 100 word description with image.

Part 2)    Is similar to part 1 but the example of work chosen must also have thematic content in relation to contemporary ideas. 
     (choose a different artist from part 1)
     Include a 100 word description with this image as well

Images 1 & 2 should both be printed along with text separate sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper.
*Give sources
Artist name (living artist) & title of work and email to instructor immediately

*As stated in class your research must include books, art journals other research in addition to internet sources

Link below is a list of students from Fall 2015 with their choice of artists selected for the research assignment so far:

Below is a list of students from Winter 2014 with their choice of artists selected for the research assignment so far:

Alexa Meade's "Transit" 
Damien Hirst's "1000 years"

Kumi Yamashita -  "Veil"
Casey Jenkins -  "Casting off my womb"

Giuseppe Penone's Sculptures at Versailles as well 
Kasey McMahon's sculpture sculpture called Connected.

Cloud by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garrett
Bonsai-B by Takanori Aiba

1. Jared Bark -- LIGHTS: On/Off
2. Fukahori Ryusuke -- Goldfish Salvation

Insomnia by Tony Oursler 
Disco 94 by Zehra Khan

Guoqiang Cai, Pine Tree.
Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

1)Terrance Koh (performance art)
2) Kseniya Simonova (sand artist)

1. "Hollow ‘Reversal Cradle’ "by Motohiko Odani.
2. "Mue 2010" by Mathilde Roussel

Maestrale by Mario Ceroli
Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park

Danny Goodwin: Decoy: Home of Daniel Goodwin
Zehra Khan: Red Phonograph


Johannes Stötter - Frog Bodypaint
Jordan Eagles - Hemofields 4

- Marc Quinn "Self 2001"
- Yayoi Kusama "Yellow Trees"

1: Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker (collaboration), Idiots
2: David Welch, Material World

Claudia Meyer: Florence I and II
Tony Oursler: The Glare Schematics Exhibition,%202013&subSection=Installations&allTextFlg=false&title=Glare%20Schematics                        

Below is a list of students from Winter 2010 with their choice of artists :

Soft sculptures by Ji Wenyu and Zhu Weibing
Trade by Jaune Quick-To-See Smith

John Bock, FrischGrätenMelkStand
SHIOTA Chiharu   Dialogue with Absence 2010

Ivan and Heather Morison
Daniel Barrow (changed from previous choice of Daniel Goodwin)

Max Dean and his piece "the table - childhood"
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and the piece "The Paradise Institute"

Eric Starosielski's "Methodically Candid",
Sandee Moore's "Mobile Cassetteotheque".

Noam Gonick
Luis Jacob

Nick Cave - soundsuits
Carolee Schneemann - War Mop

Thomas Hirschhorn
Matthew Barney

Sean Chao- "I am home"
Folkert De Jong- "The Peckhamian Mimic: "First Commandment""

David Hoffos

Sara Ann Johnson

Luisa Rabbia "Travels with Isabella"
Jennifer Hall + Blyth Hazen "Instrument for a Mediated Terrain"

Russ Smith...Fallujah Blues

Moataz Nasr...Wheelchairs, Letters and a Planted Room